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Help out my Brother

On October 4th, my older brother Rem was riding his motorcycle, 1980 Harley FLH bobber, down High Street here in Columbus. If your not familiar, High St is one of the two busiest streets in Columbus, it runs North South right by OSU Campus.
Anyhow, some dumb whore thought it would be a wise idea to not look before she opened her fucking driver side door. My brother Rem now has a steel plate in his foot, and three steel rods in his toes. Insurance has taken care of some of the bills, but for everything he needs.......... the numbers are really scary, and he makes Pizzas, and is looking at being out of work somewhere between 6 weeks and 6 months depending on the surgeries yet to come.
Both he and I have no problem admitting to be pretty simple guys honestly, but I can honestly say that without him in my life none of you would know me now.
If you can spare some cash to help him out, I have created a PayPal account for him,

Please.... if anyone can help, he more than anyone deserves it, even if it is only a dollar.

JT Whitney
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