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Stolen from a Friend, thought EVERYONE might want to know

I just got filled in on what happened in Carbondale last weekend. Can we say "Blantant favoritisim STing" boys and girls? There, I knew you could.

The story as it was told to me by another ST.

--LARGE boot party roll down to carbondale to roll one specific PC.
--One specific PC happens to be married to HST.
--HST pulls out uber crack NPCs to defend spouce's PC.
--Boot party roll uber crack NPCs.
--HST warns spouce and friends that they "might want to leave game now"
--Boot Party makes it to room where specific PC and friends are supposed to be.
--Boot Party is told "all they see is closing doors"
--Boot Party member wants to cast Visible Trail of Prey tremere ritual and fleetness follow.
--HST informs Boot Party that the players have left game "because they were bored" and they wouldn't be able to catch them tonight.
--Another ST on Cdale staff get's visibly upset at this decision
--HST redlines the deaths of uber crack NPCs.

Background Story: Carbondale House Rules that make the previous possible

1) HST reserves the right to redline or overturn anything that happens in game, even other ST calls.
2) No other ST can overturn HST calls
3) no ST can be taken off staff through player vote of confidence or a vote of any kind. Staff can only be added and removed by HST

Wow, someone figured out a way to actually WIN at White-Wolf.

I'm taking polls to see just how long before Counsil get's sick of this shit and Carbondale get's kicked out of One World By Night.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the game in the past....BUT it is shit like this that get's you kicked out of a world wide org. No point in being in a world wide org if you aren't going to play nice with the other kids and show such blantant favoritism.

I was talking to one of the STs about possibly getting one of my characters transfered there. Now that is definately NOT happening.
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