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Just a question to ya all.

How many of the x's are going to Conclave cause I'd like to do a gathering to take a group photo of us all..or as many as we can get in one shot..any takers?

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I'm planning to be there.

aka Executive4HireX
i should be... maybe.


I'd like to, but money is scarce...I've gotta hope and pray I can make it with my Pack to Palla Grande...*sigh*

Since Ryan is making it out there, I more than likely can't because apparently the Fates have decreed if Ryan and I ever meet, the world implodes (at least that's what it seems, we can never end up in the same place at the same time) ~ Actually, I lose my job on the 20th, so not sure what is going on.

This. Sucks.

Since it's all of a half-hour drive for me now, I'll be there. :-)

Count em in
Saint and Hippie should be there

-Glen (and Ashley)
I'll be there with bells on.

aka FallenForHireX aka Xavier
I *should* be able to make it

I'll send you all some zombies...

"Old Man" Giovanni
ElfForHireX here I hopefully will be hitting Conclave this year. *crosses fingers*
I'll be there with bells on *G*